Assuring the health and safety of Linn County

The Linn County Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) unit is community-based and functions to locally organize and utilize volunteers.  When a public health emergency occurs, the need for volunteers will be tremendous.  The Linn County MRC will be used to supplement existing emergency services when a disaster is of a magnitude that overwhelms those existing resources.  Further, the Linn County MRC volunteers can provide relief for overworked workers in the event of an emergency.

The Linn County MRC recruits health professionals and non medical people into volunteer service, trains and educates members, assists with community needs, participates in non-emergency essential public health services, such as health education and community outreach, and integrates volunteers and first   responders for emergency response.

Why join today?
In a disaster, everyone wants to help.  Lessons learned from 9/11 and severe weather show that many volunteers who show up to help cannot be used.  The pre-registering and pre-credentialing of volunteers allows the Linn County MRC to match the skills of the volunteers to the needs of the county. This increases the efficiency of volunteer assignments and reduces the work of processing volunteers during an emergency.

As a volunteer, you will gain personal satisfaction, a chance to make a difference in your community, an opportunity to network in your community, and knowledge that you are part of a community-wide emergency response effort.

To Join
To register with the Iowa Statewide Emergency Registry of Volunteers (ISERV) and fill out an application visit their website.