Linn County

Linn County is Iowa’s second largest county with an estimated population of 225,909 according to the US Census Bureau 2018 Population Estimates.  Linn County has an urban/rural mix with 18 incorporated jurisdictions.  The metropolitan area of Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and Robins has approximately 171,260 residents.  

Linn County is located in eastern Iowa and covers an area of 725 square miles.

Linn County is a land of four seasons. The county receives an average 3.44 inches of rain per year. The average yearly snowfall is 1.47 inches.

The average high temperature in July is around 85 degrees. The average low temperature in January is approximately 10 degrees.

Information from the Linn County Planning and Zoning office breaks down countywide land use as follows:

  Land Use Acreage in Land Use Total County Acres % Total Acres
  Agriculture   335,378   458,180 73.2
  Commercial/ Industrial * 598 458,180   .13
  Residential ** 13,571 458,180   2.96
  Transportation 11,357 458,180   2.48
Totals 360,904 458,180   78.77

* Includes all acres that are within the Highway Commercial (HC), General Commercial (GC), and Industrial (I) zoning districts on the Linn County Zoning Map.

** Includes all acres that are with the Mobile Home (MH), Recreational Agricultural (Rec-Ag), Recreational Critical Natural Resource (Rec-CNR), Recreational Village Residential (Rec-VR), Rural Residential 1-acre (RR1), Rural Residential 2-acre (RR2), Rural Residential 3-acre (RR3), Urban Service Residential (USR), Village Mixed (VM), and Village Residential (VR) zoning districts on the Linn County Zoning Map.