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Linn County is Iowa is located in the eastern part Iowa and covers approximately 725 square miles.  It is second largest county with an estimated population of 225,909 according to the US Census Bureau 2018 Population Estimates.  Linn County has an urban/rural mix with 18 incorporated jurisdictions.  The metropolitan area of Cedar Rapids, Marion, Hiawatha, and Robins has approximately 167,978 residents.  

The county receives an average of 3.44 inches of rain per year and it receives an average of 1.47 inches of snow.  The average high temperature is 85 degrees and the average low is is 10 degrees in January. 

Linn County Emergency Management agency serves all of Linn County and it's 18 Incorporated  communities.  (Alburnett, Cedar Rapids, Center Point, Central City, Coggon, Ely, Fairfax, Hiawatha, Lisbon, Marion, Mount Vernon, Palo, Robins, Springville, Walford, Walker)

The agency is formulated under Chapter 29C of the Code of Iowa and is governed under an Emergency Management Commission.  The commission is made up of the mayors of the incorporated communities, the sheriff and 1 member of the Board of Supervisors for a total of 20 members.

The agency has five staff members.

Our Office
Did you know that Linn County is the home county for Iowa’s only nuclear power plant?  Not only that, there are 154 locations within the county that use and store hazardous materials.  A large number of semis and trains cross through Linn County each day carrying other hazardous items.  Mother Nature adds another 19 severe weather events each year.  The companies that own and operate the nuclear plant or use hazardous materials are very conscientious and strive daily to ensure safe operations of their facilities.

Chapter 29C of the Code of Iowa establishes an emergency management commission in every county in Iowa. The emergency management agency is the operational office of the Emergency Management Commission. The Commission and Agency are created separate from county government. The Linn County Emergency Management Commission is comprised of 20 members consisting of a member of the Board of Supervisors or its appointed representative, the Sheriff or his/her representative, and the Mayor or his/her representative from each of the incorporated municipalities of the county.  Each representative has an equal vote.

The municipalities represented on the Emergency Management Commission are: Alburnett, Bertram, Cedar Rapids, Center Point, Central City, Coggon, Ely, Fairfax, Hiawatha, Lisbon, Marion, Mt. Vernon, Palo, Prairieburg, Robins, Springville, Walford and Walker.

Our role is to provide direction for the delivery of the emergency management services of planning, administration, coordination, training, and support for local governments and their departments.Linn County Emergency Management Agency has the primary responsibility for the development of a comprehensive emergency management program which seeks to:

  • Mitigate the effects of various hazards,
  • Prepare for measures which will preserve life and minimize damage,
  • Respond during emergencies and provide assistance, and
  • Establish a recovery system to return the community to a normal status.